About Us

TechForMe was started in 2010 on a mission to help people enjoy their technology to the fullest by offering on-demand technology and computer support services from US-based technicians. While the IT industry has long provided comprehensive tech support solutions to larger companies, there was a gap in the landscape for home computer users and small businesses that desired corporate-caliber IT support. Our company serves to fulfill that need with personalized service at affordable prices.

While there are also many manufacture-run tech support operations to turn to, they actually contribute to the problem due to their silo’ed nature. We’ve all experienced this: you’ll have an issue with your computer and call Software Company A to get help. Company A will blame Hardware Company B. Hardware company B will blame Company C, and this will go on and on with long wait times, redundant processes, and difficult to understand communication. None of these companies seem to have a vested interest in resolving your problem because they’ve already made the sale, one problem can have many sources, and frankly it’s easier for them to blame someone else and get you off the phone, rather than actually provide a genuine resolution. Some companies even turn their tech support operations into quasi sales departments, taking an opportunity to help you and turning it into an opportunity to sell you something again. To further add to the problem, many companies outsource their support to companies they haven’t properly vetted, and those operations generally lack the training and resources needed to adequately provide support. Manufacture-based support is simply low priority to many companies because it doesn’t contribute immediately quantifiable revenue and typically isn’t a key factor in a customer’s buying decision. Customer’s don’t plan on their new tech having challenges, but when it does, what then?

To solve this problem, an industry of third-party tech support providers emerged. This was the market-driven response to unhelpful tech support and mounting customer frustration. While it seems they were started with good intentions, the third-party tech support industry has become rife with scams and fly-by-night operations that have corrupted the industry. They prey on technology ignorance, the elderly, and decent hardworking people by selling them overpriced software that serves no use, offering little expertise, and charging hundreds of dollars for service plans they don’t intend to honor. It’s become increasingly difficult to find trustworthy companies, with so-called support services operating more akin to boiler-room investment firms of the 90’s.

Throughout the ever-changing industry landscape, we have persisted and evolved to meet the challenges our customers face, and continue to offer expert support services. Beyond technology support, we now provide consumer IT security services and education focused on the social-engineering aspect of threats. We have expanded to support tablets, phones, cloud software, and “internet of things” devices. We continue to remain software agnostic, vendor neutral, and place an extreme priority on serving as an objective consultant for our customers to turn to. Technology is only becoming more intrinsically related to our daily lives, and we believe it’s also becoming even more important to have someone you trust to prevent and respond to the tech challenges we all inevitably face.